Why Relocating To Austin, Texas Makes Sense

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The city of Austin, Texas is one of the best places to live in the United States. Relocating to Austin, Texas should be high on your list of cities to consider if you are contemplating a big move. If you already have Austin in your sights, maybe because you are enrolling in one of the Austin Texas universities, then here are the reasons why your move makes sense.

First, the city has got prime real estate and Austin homes are one of the most affordable in the country, even right in the middle of downtown. Compared to other big cities, the cost of living is manageable. The city has topped the best places to live surveys in many aspects, such as health and education. It is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the US too, a surprise considering that most Texan food consists of beef and Tex-Mex.

The Austin, Texas economy is stable, thanks to the number of big companies that have called it home since the 1980s. The eccentricity locals are so fond of gives rise to many unique small businesses, which makes the area a great place for business. It is the hippie mentality with a dose of business savvy. When employment dropped in the US, Austin’s rates skyrocketed by 16%. Not recession proof, but better than most other cities.

Jobs and housing? Check. The city of Austin, Texas also has a lot to offer people when it comes to activities. You have got one of the most active nightlife areas this side of the South. The college kids are constantly partying downtown and most of the professionals like to unwind in bars and restaurants across the area. Yearly festivals bring in tourists and bands, and in the city of Austin, Texas you will never ever be listening to canned music from the speakers. It is always live and loud.

austin skyline Why Relocating To Austin, Texas Makes Sense

Austin, Texas

But the city not only has students, it has got the most eclectic population around. Artists, musicians and filmmakers have made their homes here, and the city is definitely open to the weirdness. The weirder you are, the more at home you will be. It is probably the only city in the US without a dress code, so do not be surprised at some of the outfits you will encounter. It is a great city even if you do not consider yourself weird. You never know, a few months here and you may find yourself changing.

There is a lot of fun stuff to do in Austin, Texas. Besides the music, there is always the great outdoors to explore. Swimming pools, lakes, parks, camping sites, bike trails, hiking trails are open almost year round for the intrepid hiker and biker. The locals are fiercely protective of nature and fight to keep it that way, so you will also be living in one of the cleanest cities in the US.

So if you are thinking of relocating to Austin, Texas, think hard and think fast. Austin is waiting for you to join the community of the beautiful and the weird.

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