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Capistrano Park is home to the Shady Hollow community’s swimming pool. In the summer between May and June, however, the pool’s six lap tracks become the domain of the Shady Hollow Stingrays. The Stingrays are part of the Capital City Summer League swim clubs, and their opposition include the Circle C Seals, Travis Country Sharks, Granada Hills/Western Oaks Dolphins, South Austin Area Barracudas, Hays Swim Club at Plum Creek, Jewish Community Aquatic Association Piranhas, Courtyard Swordfish, and Belterra Swordfish. The Capital City Summer League organizes competitive swimming meets throughout the Austin area to allow children “to learn how to think and act in a sportsmanlike fashion; to belong to a team and to enjoy the experience of competitive swimming.”

The Stingrays recognize six age categories: Junior Rays, 6 & Under, 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under, and 13 & Up. In order to qualify to take part in official swim meets, a Stingray must be able to safely swim across the pull in under a minute without touching the bottom of the pool. Those who can’t meet this requirement can still swim with Junior Rays until they can meet that time and safety qualifier.

Because the Stingrays recognize that summer is a busy time for families, and popular time for vacations and summer activities, they are very flexible about schedules. The team practices Tuesday through Friday, for about 45 minutes , segregated by age category. They ask that, if you want to compete in a meet that you show up for at least two practices in the week prior. They have a sign-up schedule and also request that you let them know at least a week in advance if you can’t make a particular meet.

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At the same time, the Stingrays also understand the importance that competition can have in driving team members to push for greater skill and ability. In addition to the meets, the Stingrays maintain their own board of records set by team members, giving individuals goals to strive for. These records remain on the board until they are broken. Currently, the oldest record for the girls is held by Erin Flanigan, from 1999, while the oldest record for the boys was set by Brad Funk back in 1992.

For those who qualify, the Stingrays offer a $500 college scholarship for team members getting ready to leave for college. In order to be selected for the scholarship, an applicant must answer a series of application questions, provide a short written essay, undergo a short interview with the selection committee, and provide three reference evaluations.

The Stingrays are an all-volunteer organization and rely heavily on parents to keep things running smoothly. When at an away meet, 40 volunteers are typically needed, while as many as 80 can be needed when Shady Hollow hosts a meet.

2011 will be the 27th year of competitive swimming for the Stingrays. Things kick off with a picnic in late April, where parents and swimmers can learn more about the team and how they can get involved. For more info call Capistrano Park & Pool: (512) 282-2970

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