SH 45 SW – Update On FM 1626 And Loop 1 Connection

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The Austin city Council, or, at least its Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan committee found itself in a bit of a hornet’s nest back in August. When a member of the workgroup assumed out-loud that the crowd gathered for the meeting represented opposition to the construction of SH 45 SW, the rebuttal of the crowd seemed to take him by surprise. One can only imagine what they made of the petition presented by the Shady Hollow Homeowners Association with over 1000 signatures in support of the highway expansion.

This isn’t the first time the Imagine Austin committees have rubbed homeowners and neighborhood associations the wrong way. Last October, the Austin Neighborhoods Council, worried that the new comprehensive plan would steamroller older individual plans worked out between various neighborhoods of the city and the city council, requested that the planning process be suspended completely. Imagine Austin continues to work to a unified plan for Austin growth, but is dogged by accusations of not accurately representing the desires of Austin residents.

SH 45 SW SH 45 SW   Update On FM 1626 And Loop 1 Connection

SH 45 SW

Decision on SH 45 SW – FM 1626 – Loop 1 connection?

Nothing was decided about SH 45 SW at the meeting this past August. In fact, the promise of a working group member to bring up the SHHOA’s petition with “the decision-makers” strongly implies that no decision could have been made. Still, the Shady Hollow community certainly made its presence felt.

This is nothing new. Precinct 3 Commissioner Karen Huber could’ve warned the city Council what it was getting into. She even recently attempted to move Shady Hollow completely out of her district. “We’re not amused,” said SHHOA board member Pam Baggett when asked about the move. “It’s gerrymandering at its worst.”

Commissioner Huber insisted the move was necessary due to the size of Precinct 3. “It is not fair to the constituents for a single commissioner to try to represent such a large area,” she said.

Ms. Baggett thinks the upcoming election was clearly a factor. “She knows she’s going to lose our votes.”

Regardless, Shady Hollow residents continue their dogged pursuit of a commitment to complete the promised highway expansion. Unfortunately for Commissioner Huber, the chosen redistricting plan keeps Shady Hollow in her district; the hot potato remains in her hands for now.

pixel SH 45 SW   Update On FM 1626 And Loop 1 Connection
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