7 Top Reasons Why You Should Live in Austin, Texas

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If you are thinking of relocating to Austin, Texas or are simply thinking of packing your bags and hauling out, then consider the city rated as the 2nd best city to live in the United States.

Take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should live in Austin, Texas.

1. Great Neighborhoods and Good Schools. The city of Austin, Texas has many diverse neighborhoods that fit your needs whether you are a single person looking for great nightlife or if you are looking for a quieter neighborhood to settle down in.

Communities in Austin pushed for smart urban planning to retain old school charm and keep the snazzier areas snazzy. The variety of realty Austin has makes it easy for you to find something you like within your price range.

There are also many great school districts to choose from, whether you are looking for a top rated private school, choose to go public and top notch colleges and universities. No matter what your lifestyle is, you are sure to find a neighborhood that suits your needs.

2. A Diverse Job Market. One major concern when you are relocating to Austin, Texas or any city for that matter is the job market. Austin has the 3rd lowest unemployment rate in the country and this is probably due to the different job opportunities available in various sectors ranging from technology to unique small business opportunities.

3. Affordable Housing. The job market would not be so hot if you cannot afford the house you live in. Fear not because Austin homes have a strong market to back them up and are affordable, ranging from a $100,000 up for a three bedroom home. In any other place on earth, that would cost you and arm and a leg. Maybe part of your other leg too.

4. The Weather. It is blisteringly, car peeling hot during the summer, but in a great way. Even then, you will have the beautiful summer thunderstorms to look at to distract you. If you like hot desert weather, you are going to love in Austin. Otherwise, the weather is fantastic. Austin has milder winters than the rest of Texas and is wonderfully moderate during spring and fall.

5. The Stuff to Do. One of the best parts of living in Austin is the stuff to do. You may need a calendar to schedule your activities week by week. Take advantage of the weather and go hiking, biking, canoeing, take a walk in the park or support the local hockey and football team.

6. The Music, Art and Film. By relocating to Austin, Texas, you will join a community of musicians, art lovers and filmmakers. There are numerous festivals for music and art, so there will always be a band to catch on Saturday night. Theaters and concert halls are also popular ways to spend a weekend or to while away the time after work.

7. The Food. Food is taken very seriously in Austin. Austin is very friendly to vegetarians and vegans. You will find Tex-Mex and the usual Texas BBQ cuisine, but there are also a lot of fine dining options. You will find fusion food, Asian, Indian, Chinese and a smattering of Italian and fast food restaurants. You definitely will not go hungry in Austin.

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