Hassle-Free Listing Home Selling System

The Goldwasser RE Hassle-Free Listing Home Selling System™ offers a flexible commission to put more money in your pocket, plus a cancel-anytime policy.

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Put more money in your pocket with the exclusive Hassle-Free Listing Home Selling System™ from Goldwasser Real Estate.

Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells…even if you find the buyer. With the
Hassle-Free Listing Home Selling System™, you have complete flexibility.

Our Hassle-Free Listing Home Selling System™ offers benefits that ordinary agents do not. Our program offers a flexible commission to put more money in your pocket if you or your listing agent find the buyer, plus a cancel-anytime policy.

Simplify the Home Selling Process

Let’s examine one of our program’s benefits: we allow you to cancel the listing at anytime. Most agents will not give the consumer this right.

You might ask yourself why agents need to “lock you up” for four to six months. Why would they be afraid to
give you the right to cancel?

Our philosophy is that we would rather strive to earn your business every day.

We are confident that we can provide a superior level of service and care. If we don’t, then we don’t deserve your business. It’s that simple.

But really, you should hire us for the same reason that our past satisfied sellers have used us. They know that they can depend on us to get them the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest hassles.

Clients talk about our Home Selling System

“We want to express our gratitude for all that you and your team did to assist us in the selling of our home. We initially interviewed eight other firms/agents from what was referenced as the Best in the Business.
It was apparent that only one agency stood above the crowd: Goldwasser Real Estate!”

“Your team conveyed a great first impression and continued to keep us abreast of situations and challenges in an eloquent manner. Our agent and your staff were well prepared for many demanding situations. We were impressed with the unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit and ability to manage around the obstacles.”

“You all went above and beyond during the most difficult times. In a sea of questionable realty talent, it is nice to see that someone has comprehended the need for a professional experience.”

“We have begun a campaign to let people know that there are choices when selling a home, and that they should choose Goldwasser. Many people don’t want to sell their homes in this market…but after talking with
your team, I bet they change their minds.”

—Joey and Angie Young
Home Sellers

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